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We dedicate ourselves to serving as a reliable partner for your transformer solution

Free cost Design

We offer a wide range of transformers and other wound components designed to your specification, using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques and free cost to you.

Safety Approvals

Unicreed Engineers can design products to meet international safety agency standards, such as UL, VDE, CE, CQC, TUV, RoSH, REACH, SGS and ISO9001:2015 etc.

World Class Manufacturing

Unicreed achieve high manufacturing efficiency by automating coil winding, argon arc welding,soldering, assembly lines and testing.

Quick Production

We can deliver custom designs in 48 hours and mass production in 25-30 days, to meet your deadlines and meet your needs with fast turnaround times.

High-quality materials

Our magnetic components are manufactured in state-of-the-art in ISO-9001:2015 certified facilities where only the finest materials are used.

100% Inspection

100% each unit is inspected thoroughly throughout the production process, we make sure only the highest-quality units leave our facility.

Our Safety Agency Approval & Certifications

What Our Clients Say

“Even over such a long distance, they have always been one of our best providers. Unicreed always best support us, I like them.Thank you so much for great cooperation.”



“It was great to collaborate with Unicreed. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable in design transformer as shown with new technologies for quality improvements and efficiency.”


Ron Mihalko

“We running business with Unicreed more than 11 years, our customer satisified with their transformer quality, we will keep working closer with Unicreed ti make our business better .”


Matthew Q

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Unicreed is good at designing and manufacturing custom magnetic components. View our Custom Design page to get started!

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